A blend of Modern technology and IOT solutions.

We are an end-to-end IoT solutions company providing world-class solutions. Our solution includes sensor’s connectivity to web/mobile apps for monitoring, alerting, reporting and analytics of connected devices or “Things”.

Our initial focus is on industrial 4.0, Agriculture and consumer based IoT. We continue to expand our expertise into various verticals including Home Automation, Smart Building, Automobile, Energy and Other Manufacturing industry. We strive to provide complete solution from Problem Identification, Solution Design, Deployment and Maintenance.

Our Services


IoT Cloud Services

As we are aware of the fact that most of the devices today are connected to the internet, IoT cloud platforms bring together the capabilities of IoT devices combined with cloud computing delivering together as a service. We provide IoTCloud-based application and its services that makes all your work easier and faster without any hesitations. This service can also be used alongwith predictive analysis and disaster preventions.


IoT Application

IoT is such a technology that helps to connect all physical devices to the internet and connect them all together. Using the sensors it becomes possible for IoT based applications to establish communication between objects using the environmental data gathered. Overseas IT Solutions provide high-end solutions in IoT to solve the complex real-world world problems.


IoT Consulting analytics & Insight

Overseas IT Solutions team of experienced IoT Consultants provide all smart digital solutions that adhere to the connected world. We have designed IoT based consulting services in such a manner that every client is supported with their vision, business thought processes and overall impact in the digital space. We also provide a strong analytical framework to leverage the business model and enhance the business processes.


IoT Security Management

When the physical systems are connected to one another through cloud computing with other network protocols it also brings up complex security and operational challenges. Overseas IT Solutions provide modern encryption technologies that help in shaping the connected systems with trusted roots. Our expertise lies in addressing infrastructure, data,and security across the environments and devices.


Lora Gateways and Network Management Solution

Lora Gateways is an integral element of Smart technology and is designed for a wider range that helps in parking, buildings, fleet management and environmental monitoring within the Smart cities.


IoT Centric M2M Solution

Today, the world is moving at high speed in view of the technology transformations and its implementations. To diminish the physical obstacles, IoT based services are anticipated not just to boost efficiency but rather transform the client's current business models. Our core aim in the IoT domain is to provide detailed consultation services that include technical analysis of the existing systems, ROI study, and feasibility study for your business model.

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