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In recent times, managing IT Infrastructure become challenging considering its complexity both remotely and locally. Managing IT Infrastructure with right talent within budget is a big challenge. we are providing world class IT Infrastructure service within budget. We provide variety of IT Infrastructure services.

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IT Infrastructure & AWS Maintenance Service

Many emerging technologies such as the SMAC stack have completely changed the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations and domains. With the passing of time, it becomes necessary for an organization to update the IT infrastructure so as to meet the needs of demands that is increasing consistently. We help organizations to improve their efficiency and uptime atlesser cost. Our team of experts and consultant work closely with you to make sure that the investment is minimum and the outcome achieved is maximum. We also provide AWS Maintenance support such as IT deployment services, assistance in identifying upcoming challenges and complexities, etc.


Cloud Services

For the fast, scalability, agility and easy processes, all the tasks are migrated on Cloud-based platforms to get the desired outputs. Our team of experts consistently with the clients to explore the potential of cloud be it migration and engineering of the products or businesses, to leveraging them on multiple clouds.


Storage Management

Overseas IT Solutions provides comprehensive storage management services where the DAS/ NAS/ SAN/ Backup solutions are provided. For the purpose for increasing the ROI, we provide you Storage as a Service to make it convenient for you to maintain and select the right storage management service whether it is a file, archive or a block. The service that we provide you comes with the flexibility of synchronizing data at scheduled hours. With the increasing demand of the storage solutions among the organizations, we provide high-end storage capacity to securely store the data with ease.


Database Management

With the advancements in the technology, it has opened up the gates for endless volumes of data for fast flow into the system. Due to the huge demand of the data space pouring in from different sources that are in different formats, it becomes necessary for an organization to process, store and manage the data. Our DBA helps from day to day maintenance and monitoring task of data to its administration. We are confident to provide the best suitable database management solutions for optimum cost.


DataCenter Server

Overseas IT Solutions understands very well that with the increasing demand of the IT requirements the necessity for data centers also increases. To copeup with this requirement, we have setup data centres where the critical technical tasks can be accomplished and security of the data is maintained without any compromise. We support virtual private servers, hosting services that is always up & running.


End User Computing

It becomes very difficult to manage the workspace ecosystem when you have multiple remote locations to handle. Overseas IT Solutions has come up with the solution of providing customized workspace services that reluctantly improves processes, security, productivity and data management within the organization. With the need of a mobile workforce, the IT budget of a company gets more constrained. We provide 24/7 support for managing the local and server environment.


Enterprise network Management

Enterprise Management services provided by Overseas IT Solutions helps you to consistently keep flowing the data information and the assistance for the management reports and data mining is helpful in taking quicker business decisions without any barriers. The network is the core IT backbone of the businesses that leverage its sales and the outreach. The management of the network becomes more complex when the business is scaled to a global level. Our team of experts identifies the potential failures and faults along with the recommendations to solve it.

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