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Billing Software

Billing software helps to keep a deeper track of your on-going business and assist in enhancing the level of business. This software has the capability to keep track of employees, maintain stocks, and generate customer incentives as a loyalty and much more apart from billing. The billing software makes it easier to generate invoices with all the taxes included, monitor & manage sales, optimize inventory, keep track of procurement activities and run attractive customer loyalty programs that give maximum benefit to them. This software is capable to be operated on the cloud to easily manage the back office. Our team of experts provides all sorts of support for maintaining this software and its operations.


Accounting Software

In every organization, there is always demand for accounting software that can handle profitable operations, payrolls, revenue, taxes, fixed assets, etc. into a single centralized system. Overseas IT Solutions provides software that is scalable from small businesses to larger enterprises with minimum errors and maximum accurate outcomes. The software is secure, combines financial & operational visibility to enhance your business to the next level.



Implementing Web-based ERP in your organization makes it easier to maintain the back-office process automation. The best thing about Web ERP is its accuracy in providing real-time information about the purchase, human resource, inventory, e-commerce, orders, finance, etc. Using Web-based ERP you can scale your organization to a new level giving the best support to your customers, suppliers,and partners. Our dedicated Web ERP team makes sure that after implementing the solution it is well maintained and the performance of the system is not reduced enabling the clients to draw maximum benefits out of it. This will help them to increase return on investments.



In today's time, it is essentially important for an organization to have strong relations with the customers that help to foster their business needs. These relations are very delicate because if the expectations of the customers are not taken care of then there are huge chances of losing potential customers. Therefore, it is very important for an organization to leverage the techniques like business forecasting, create a model through analysed predictions and data mining to serve well your clients from all perspectives of the business. The crucial role CRM plays is increasing the sales, enhance productivity and improve the customer relations. All this makes it possible to reduce the overall operations cost and increase the time-to-market aspect. Our marketing team helps to keep track of all the aspects that prioritize customer relations and delighting them well.

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